Choosing the best vehicles for your fleet

Securing a deal on a fleet of vehicles for your business is a big step, a sign of things moving forward.

Having a new, smart looking armada gives your firm a fresh new image, gets your name out there with crisp decals, keeps employees happy, and streamlines maintenance issues. But you need to choose the right vehicles to meet your every need. Here is a quick guide to the various considerations you need to have in mind when picking vehicles for your fleet.


It goes without saying that cost is an over-riding factor. What initial outlay is required? What will be the monthly cost of the fleet, including any prospected maintenance, multi van insurance and cleaning? What about fuel economy?


Do you need a fleet of identical vans, or a mixed bag? If you will be driving in cold conditions, is there a sealed cab option for fast heating? Do you need access from all sides, or will a simple back opening vehicle suffice? There are many considerations here.


What is your maximum projected load? Can the van handle this easily? And does it have the power to efficiently transport this load over the terrain you expect to drive on? This is particularly important for courier fleets.


Do you expect to carry passengers, or work crews? Will two seats do, or will you need a van with three, or more?


This is where your van really comes into its own. Are there any extra features that are vital to your business? Such as…

– Built in satnav
– Specialist roof-rack
– Pipe and conduit tubes
– Side racks
– Ventilation
– Extra power-points

And is there the scope for internal adaptation?


Does your work have access and manoeuvrability issues? Are there height restrictions? Will you need tight turning circles for small spaces and narrow streets? This is where a comprehensive test drive is essential.


Many vans now have an overdrive gear, but some don’t. If you will be doing a lot of motorway driving, a low geared van will be far less fuel efficient, prone to excess wear and tear, and could be a noisy and uncomfortable drive.

Now you need a comprehensive and customised insurance policy to protect your assets. We can help you Compare Fleet Insurance finding you the best policy at the best price.