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Compare Classic Car Insurance

We work with leading classic car insurance specialists who will be able to insure your pride and joy in a way that suits you!

Vintage and classic cars are not just any everyday run around. For many owners they are a pride and joy, a real passion piece.

When you compare insurance for your classic through us, the providers we connect you with will have as much passion for your vehicle as you do.

What is Classic Car Insurance?

Classic car insurance is essentially still just car insurance but often considerably cheaper with additional perks.

When it comes to classic or vintage vehicles, quite often your mileage will be a lot less than a normal everyday car. Owners also often keep their classic vehicles very well maintained and locked in garages. Because of this, the risk to the vehicle is a lot less than that posed to and normal vehicle used for commuting etc.

When is a car classed as a classic?

This is a hard questions to answer. Through the eyes of the HMRC, a vehicle can be defined as a classic when it reaches 15 years old where it can also be tax exempt.

It is though possible to insure a car much younger than that as a modern classic. If you are treating your car in the true sense of a classic, then the providers we work with will insure it as a classic.

What is included in classic car cover?

Similar to your standard car insurance, you will still be insured in the usual format of third party (TP), third party fire and theft (TPF&T) and Fully Comprehensive.

Purchasing classic car insurance though does allow you some extra cover.

Agreed valuation of your classic

Agreed valuation is where you and the broker will agree the value of your vehicle. When a vehicle is completely wrote off, the insurance company will make an offer based on the value of the vehicle at that time.

With classic vehicle insurance, in the event or the car being totally wrote off, you will be paid out the agreed valuation amount.

How is the valuation agreed?

Insurance brokerages employ the skills and talents of expert valuation officers. When you discuss your policy with an advisor, you will discuss what you would like the valuation to be. This is then sent to the valuation officer for confirming that it is inline with the market value.

Once the value is agreed, it will be drawn up into your policy, paying out should your vehicle be lost.

Drive to work cover

Classics are not used generally for driving to work. In the summer months though, many classic owners do enjoy taking their cars to work. Drive to work can be including.

It won’t insure you to the level that every day commuting in the car would. However, it will allow you to occasionally use your classic car to drive to work.

Using a classic car for business trips

Although you may use your classic car to drive to your place of work. You will not be able to use the car for business trips.

If you wish to use your classic for business trip purposes. You will need to insure it using standard car insurance with business trips cover added to the policy.

Classic car laid up cover

Many classic cars spend many months laid up in a garage. Naturally there is less risk to a vehicle when in this state. The brokers we work with will be able to take that into account and provide you a policy that reflects that.

Why use us for classic car cover?

We work with leading classic car insurance specialists who use us to find clients that they can quote and cover the most competitively. This means you no longer have to spend time calling around providers, we have done that already.

When you apply for a classic car policy through us, our advisors will look at what you wish to cover and connect you quickly with those who can help you the most.

Classic Car Insurance

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