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What is Restaurant Insurance?

Restaurant Insurance is a specifically designed to cover restauranteurs and their establishments against claims arising in relation to their business.

It can be fully tailored to your business but will likely include cover the premises, public liability and employers liability.

What is included in a restaurant insurance policy?

Regardless of the type of restaurant you own or operate, they are places that carry a level of greater risk. From the heat of the kitchen to guests drinking more than they should be becoming a risk to themselves.

As such, a comprehensive restaurant insurance policy is essential and should include a number of the following.

Restaurant Contents Insurance

A restaurant natural has a lot of contents. Contents cover is there to cover the fixtures and fittings such as kitchen equipment, furniture, bathrooms, fridges and freezers.

It won’t cover stock kept within fridges of freezers but an additional add-on can be obtained to cover that.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is there to protect and insure your guests should they injure themselves or suffer some form of loss whilst on your premises.

If someone spills a drink and then someone else slips on the spill, you are liable for any injuries they may suffer.

Employers Liability Insurance

This is a legal requirement for any business that employs staff whether it be full or part time. If a kitchen porter picks up a miss placed searing hot pan or a waiter falls over and injures themselves causing them to be off work, they will be entitled to claim against you.

Buildings Cover

Like any commercial property insurance, this will cover the physical structure of the building such as the walls and roof. If the building is lost to fire of flood, then buildings insurance will step in.

Business Interruption

Business interruption insurance steps in to pay out if your business is stopped from trading.

In the event your kitchen suffers a fire and is then unable to provide food for a while, business interruption will step in to mitigate this loss.

Is restaurant insurance cheap?

This depends entirely on a number of factors. The greatest impact on this will be the size of the establishment and your risk profile. If you own an average sized restaurant and never had to claim though, it is likely you will get a cheaper policy.

For you best chances of getting a cheap policy, it is important to compare restaurant insurance. Our team our specialists when it comes to comparing business insurance policies.