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We work with leading business insurance brokers in order to help you compare photographers insurance.

As a photographer, you will have a large amount of expensive equipment that needs to be properly insured. Most photographers operate on a sole trading basis so it is essential to have a suitable policy in place.

What is photographers insurance?

Essentially, it is a business insurance policy tailored to the work of a professional photographer. It can be completely tailored to cover equipment, premises and even loss of work.

Whether you are studio based or on the road trading from home, we will be able to find a policy that is right for you.

Do I need insurance?

Yes. You could be sued for damages and legal costs if someone trips on your equipment. You may also want to insure the equipment itself in case it gets damaged.

Benefits of photography insurance

Photography is often very fast paced with lot’s of expensive equipment about. If you are studio based with high powered lighting, it is likely you will have power cables and wires all about you. If someone trips as a result of your equipment, it is likely you will be responsible for them and they could claim against you.

Suitable public liability insurance will cover this for you and help pay the costs where you are at fault. Without it, you will be liable for damage costs yourself.

What level of cover should I have?

This depends heavily on your type of business and where you work. If you work in stadiums it is likely you will need £10 million public liability to be allowed in. If you don’t work these sort of events, then you will probably be Ok at £5 million public liability.

This is something best talked through with an advisors so that you can find what is right for your business.