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What is Office Insurance?

Office Insurance is a customisable policy designed to cover a business that is primarily office based. The policy can include everything from the contents and employees right through to the building itself.

In the event of a fire, flood or theft from your office premises, your policy will be there to protect you from the loss.

What can a policy cover?

Insurance for an office is completely tailorable depending on your needs. The most commonly required areas of an office policy though are.

Office Contents Insurance

The vast majority of offices are rented and therefore the building will be insured by the landlords commercial landlords insurance policy. The contents though will need insuring by you.

Office contents includes the equipment of which you use to operate the business. This is things such as desks, computing equipment and in some cases stock.

Office Building Insurance

Office building cover is there to cover the physical structure against loss or damage. If you own the building, you will be required to have this as an insurance policy.

Buildings cover can also include other furnishings such as shelving and display cabinets.

Liability Cover

If you have an office, it is likely that you also employ staff. If you do employ people to work for you then you will require employers liability insurance by law. This can be added to your policy and can also save you money.

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When you compare office insurance policies, you can rest assured that you will have found the best policy for you.