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What is Hairdressers Insurance?

Hairdressers Insurance is designed to cover either those who work from home and go to peoples houses to dress hair OR those who work within a hair salon. It can also be fully tailored to cover the salon itself including hairdressers you may employ.

What insurance will my Hairdressing Business Need?

Whether it is just you or if you employ other people, you will require public liability insurance. A public liability insurance policy is what keeps you protected from claims arising from your clients should them or their property become injured or damaged.

If you do employ others to work for you either full time or on a casual basis, you will also require employers liability insurance. Employers liability cover is there to cover claims from staff members who injure themselves or become seriously ill whilst working for you.

Insurance for Mobile Hairdressers

If you are a mobile hairdresser working from peoples homes, then you will still need public liability insurance as mentioned above. Mobile hairdressers typically work just for themselves and don’t employ others so it is unlikely they will require employers liability.

Cover for Equipment

Quite often professional hairdressing equipment comes at quite a cost. You can tailor your policy to cover your equipment so should you drop and damage something or your bag with everything in gets stolen, you can rest assured you will be covered.

Can a Salon be insured as well?

Yes! If you have a salon and looking for a policy that can cover everything in one, then we can definitely help. Having a combined hairdressing and salon policy can be one of the most cost effective way to get insurance.

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