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What is Factory Insurance?

Factory Insurance is basically business insurance but with a more combined aspect to account for the premises that you are operating within.

Insurance policies can be fully tailored to cover every part of your business needs from the goods you produce, manufacturing equipment and machinery, employers liability. professional indemnity as well as the factory building itself.

What’s included in a factory policy?

Due to the nature of manufacturing, the type of factories are endless. From cold fresh juice factories to full furniture production factories, all require different things and therefore cover needs to be very tailorable.

Factory building insurance

If you own the premises of which you operate within, you will want to insure it against damage caused by any number of things such as fire or flood. Should your building be damaged, building insurance will step in to cover you.

If you rent the premises, this insurance aspects will be covered by your landlord.

Machinery, equipment and contents cover

The equipment purchased and installed within factories is often extremely expensive. Replacing the occasional machine here and there is Ok but if you needed to replace several, would you be able to?

Machinery and equipment cover is there to step in should you lose several machines at once.

The contents aspect will step in to replace items such as desks and general office equipment.

Stock and manufactured goods cover

Factories have large amounts of raw goods coming in and naturally produce a large number of goods going out.

In the event of a fire or flood for instance, stock and goods could well be lost. Stock and goods cover will step in to replace all or part of which you lost.

Employers Liability

No factory can operate without employees and employers insurance is a legal requirement for those who employ other people.

Factory Insurance can be tailored to cover this aspect as well to ensure your staff are properly protected.

Is manufacturing insurance cheap?

The cost of your insurance policy will come down to what you want included and the goods you manufacture. A small factory producing low risk goods will be able to get a much cheaper policy than a large factory producing dangerous goods.