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What is Cleaning Insurance?

Cleaning Insurance is, quite simply, an insurance policy that covers cleaners when carrying out their job.

We work with a leading cleaners insurance broker that will help you find an appropriate cleaners insurance policy designed to cover either just you or you and a numbers of other cleaners if you are a company.

Types of Cleaner Insurance

Not all cleaners are the same. There is a wide variety of cleaners that don’t just stop at offices.

Carpet and Curtain Cleaning Insurance

If you are this type of cleaner, it will be essential that you have public liability insurance in place as you will be visiting a lot of individuals homes.

Office Cleaning Cover

An office or commercial work space can be a tricky thing to clean and often is home to lots of expensive equipment. Make sure you have a public liability as part of you policy to ensure that should something get broken in an accident, you have protection to replace it.

Domestic Home Cleaning Insurance

If you clean peoples homes for a living, like office insurance, that will be filled with other peoples expensive belongings, as such, make sure your Public Liability is included,