3 top reasons to get business insurance for your SME

If you run any kind of SME within the UK, then there are lots of things to think about. From dealing with your customers to keeping your accounts up to date, you will have lots of different business tasks to do. One key task that should not be forgotten about when running a business is taking out the proper insurance.

Business insurance is different than standard home insurance and so you need to make sure you have specific cover in place for your SME. But why is it so important?

Protection for your business

The modern world is quite a dangerous place for businesses to operate in. More staff and customers than ever now are prepared to sue over accidents on your premises or damage to their property caused by your organisation. This could even be while you are working at their home or property. When you add in the potential to be sued for bad advice given out by your business or a broken contract, then it is clear that business insurance to cover against these situations is essential.

Projects a respectable image

In among all the highly practical reasons mentioned above for having business insurance in place, it will also help make you look more secure and respectable to customers. This impact will also be seen when trying to recruit staff or network with other businesses in your sector. Having the proper business insurance in place lets everyone know that you are a responsible and professional organisation.

It’s the law!

If you employ any staff at your premises who work for you then you must have business insurance in place to protect them. The latest guidelines are that £5 million of Employer Liability insurance must be in place to protect your employees for injuries at work for which your business is found liable. Of course, this also means that any big compensation payouts are covered by the insurance too!

Find Insurance

If you need to compare business insurance, let Total Insurance help. We will compare all the deals on business insurance around to find the perfect cover for you. If you run a business then don’t delay – get that business insurance in place today.