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What is Yacht Insurance

For many people, buying their very own yacht is a fabulous thing. Not only does it give you the freedom to sail the seas when you like but also host great parties on-board for friends! As is natural with something so exciting, you can sometimes forget about the key background tasks that need doing first.

One of these is to get proper yacht insurance cover in place.

What is yacht insurance?

In a nutshell, it is a boat insurance protects you, anyone on-board, the yacht itself and any other vessels you come across on the water. As with all insurance, the general idea is to help you recover financially from any sort of loss or accident when sailing. When it comes to insuring your yacht, this could be damage to the vessel itself or a third-party claim against you for damage to another craft.

It must be said that boat insurance is not actually a legal requirement within the UK. However, if you are spending thousands of pounds on a yacht, it is pretty much essential to protect your investment in this way.

What is covered in yacht insurance packages?

Of course, this will vary depending on what cover you desire and the insurance company you take it out with. The below are the most common types of cover though:

Third party liability cover – the UK waterways can be tricky and crowded places to sail around. When you add in the high value of yours and others crafts then being covered against any sailing mishaps is key. That is why third party liability cover is commonly taken out by yacht owners. If you accidentally scrape someone else’s yacht, you do not want to be covering the repair bill personally!

Personal accident cover – as the name suggests this kind of cover will be in place if you suffer any personal injury, accident or medical emergency when sailing. This cover will also normally cover the cost of any medical fees too if you do get in trouble when on the waves.

Cover against machinery failure – many yacht owners will include this on their cover as it helps avoid them having to pay personally for repairing expensive machinery onboard. Although this is more common with older crafts, new yachts can still break down too.

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