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What is Boat Insurance?

Boat Insurance is quite simply put, an insurance policy that is tailorable to all water craft. Much like a car insurance policy will cover a vehicle on the road, a boat policy will cover a boat at sea, on a river or docked.

A boat can vary considerably in both type, value and use. A boat policy will cover anything from a luxury motor yacht to an inflatable kayak or rib boat. Insuring your boat is essential and a legal requirement for marine regulations (just like a car policy is).

Similar to vehicle insurance, you will again be able to choose your level of desired cover.

What Insurance will I need for my Boat?

There is no legal requirement for you to insure your own boat, you will however need an insurance policy on a minimum of a third party basis to insure against damage to others peoples property. You will need this policy if you wish to enter most harbours or water ways.

If you do not have at least a third party policy in place, you will not be able to obtain a mooring agreement either.

Cover Levels

Third Party Boat Insurance

Like a car policy, this policy will not pay out for your boat if you damage it. If someone else damages your boat, then you will be able to claim off their insurance policy assuming they are at fault.

You will need this cover in place before being able to moor the boat and use harbours and waterways.

The Canal and River Trust currently insists that Third Party Policies should offer cover for a minimum of £2m. However, should you wish to moor in London or other expensive areas, we suggest a cover level considerably higher than that.

Third Party Fire and Theft Boat Insurance

This covers everything that Third Party covers but will also protect you against fire and theft of the boat.

Fully Comprehensive Boat Insurance

This is a more thorough boat insurance policy and covers you against your own personal losses. A comprehensive policy can be tailored to cover a number of aspects such as accidental damage, vandalism, fire and theft as well as all other third party aspects.

Make sure your cover level represents the value of the boat though as you would not want to underinsure your boat.

Purchasing a Boat Insurance Policy

There are a number of specialist brokers out there who will be able to cover your boat, we work with a leading boat insurance broker who will be able to find you a competitive policy.

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